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Big Gulch Ranching for Wildlife
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Big Gulch offers customized hunts to fit your schedule.

Guided Hunts:

    A full service hunt consists of lodging, great meals, and transportation in the field. We can also pick you up at the Hayden Airport, just 20 miles away from our camp. We provide one guide per two hunters, with skills in the field for hunting and dressing your game.

Trespass Hunts:

    These hunts do not include any amenities, lodging or meals. However additional services can be negotiated on an individual basis. Hunts can be from 2-4 days in length.

Cost per person
Antelope 3 day hunts $1800-2500
Mule Deer 3 day hunts $3500

4 day hunts

Late Season Cow 3 day hunts $800

We have excellent references!
Please ask, and we would be happy to
supply you with references for specific
species and hunting areas.

What is Ranching for Wildlife?
Ranching for Wildlife is a partnership between the DOW (Division of Wildlife) and private land owners. During the hunting season a large majority of the animals move from the public lands to our private land. To insure a harvest on these animals, we have been given 90 days to hunt elk, mule deer and antelope. In addition we are guaranteed licenses for each species. This benefits the hunter by giving you a broader range of time to schedule your hunts. Our hunts start in late August and end in late November. They range from early bugle hunts to late migration hunts. All tags are for either sex, and can be taken with a rifle.

The following ranches are part of the BIG GULCH Ranching for Wildlife Partnership:

  • Andy Peroulis
  • Cook Brothers Ranch
  • Raftopolous Brothers Ranch
  • Smith Rancho
  • Murphy Ranch

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Curtis Cook
P. O. Box 1342

Craig, Colorado 81626

John Papierski

Licensed, Bonded and Insured
Colorado Outfitters License #1751

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